This School Toolkit is a guide to involving schools in ending youth homelessness in Connecticut.

Communities across the state are beginning to intensify their efforts to commit resources, build collaboration, and utilize proven strategies to address the important issue of youth homelessness and housing instability.

School are essential in this initiative! Check out the School Toolkit below and explore ways of getting involved in this effort.

School Engagement Packet


  • Steps Schools Can Take
  • School Tools (Including Lesson Plans on the rights of Homeless and Unstably Housed Youth and Young Adults)
  • Creative Uses of this Toolkit: Successes from CT Schools (Including a Letter from the Superintendent of Meriden Public Schools)
  • Tips for School Counselors
  • Credit Accrual & Homelessness
  • Youth Engagement Team Initiatives (YETIs)
  • Helping a Youth in a Housing Crisis
  • Other Helpful Links